#Notes – Keep Moving Forward!!

“There is always choices in our life.”

We have a full authority for these choices, because God gives us those authority. There is one scene that I hardly forget from “Meet The Robinson’s”, which is when Lewis travel back time and faced the situation whether he choose to see what his mothers looks like or not. Isn’t it the same things in our life? Sometimes we regret about something that was in our past, we think that by seeing our hidden past, we could change for who we are.

In every person lies their own past. Some of them were good things ,and some of them were bad things. For those good things in our past will brings us encouragement through the future, but for those bad things in our past can give us a burden to get through the day.

Fear, hurt, sin… These things can cause bad memories in our mind. Whether you like it or not, they will occurs in our earthly mind. If somehow we get trapped in those mindset, we can’t see God’s great plans for all of us. Either fear, hurt, and sin will make you think that you are worthless. But one thing that will help you to get through all of those things is your faith to God.

Fear will occurs when you afraid about things which will not go in your way. It will blocked you in trying a new things. But in faith, you don’t have to be afraid because everything will happen just like God has planned. Hurt will occurs when you have been mistreated by someone else. It will hold you down in having a relation with others. But in faith, you believe that God plans for those people to be in our environment because God wants to build us, shape us, mold us into a better person. Sin will occurs when you start to disobeying God, when you think that you have the authority for your whole life. Then something happened, and you know wholehearted that you have done something wrong. But you feel that you were worthless, and you decide not to go back to God and ask forgiveness. It will make you feel that your life is worthless, and stop serving God in his way. But in faith, you believe that God already give you forgiveness, and wants you to repent, and wants you to be changed.

With faith there is something that you can do about your bad past. Forgetting what was behind you, and keep moving forward!

“Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead” (Philippians 3:13)

It didn’t says forget, it say forgetting… I was not in present verb, but it’s in continous verbs. It’s not supposed to be one time achievement to forget something, but it should be lived day by day. The same thing like forgetting, we should moving forward continously.

The choices is yours now. But in the film, Lewis finally decide not to see how his mothers looks like. He believe that the things in the future didn’t depend from his past, but it depends how he live day by day to get his future.

Keep moving forward!



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