#Notes – Even in your worst day…

This question came up after I watched one movie about a person who lives repeated life. Every day of his life, he find him self on the same situation and condition. He found everything, everyone, at the same time, at the same place with the same reaction.
Maybe, it would be nice if he lives on the day that he expects, but in this story he hate this day, he want to skip this day. He has to do a task that he didn’t like, be in a place that he didn’t like, meet people that he didn’t eager to. He hated this day. Period.

As time goes by, he learned that there is no use to have a negative mind set to get through the day. His bad attitude changed. He does good things during this day. He gives help to many people, he learned to do positive things either for him selves or for others. He became “someone”.

There is one scene that I remember when he helps an old man, an orphanage. He company this old man to a hospital to have medication, but in the end this old man die. He tried on the next day, he act earlier to help the old man by eating together. He has fun with him, but still it could not be change. But at the end he enjoyed treating this old man before his time came up and still did many things for other.

Well, this movie taught me two things…
First, even in your worst day, the day that you hated. Do good and right things! There is no use to feel sorry about this day.
Second, there is always a thing that we can’t change, but be glad that you have done your best and have a faith that there are much more things that you can change!

By the way, the title of this movie is “Groundhog Day”…

Have a great day all!! 🙂



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