#Notes – A Right Type of Compassion

Splagchnizomai— I believe some of you never heard this word. I had never heard about it too, until I read it on Greek lexicon dictionary. Here is the description of Splagchnizomai, “to be moved as to one’s bowels, hence to be moved with compassion, have compassion (for the bowels were thought to be the seat of love and pity)”.

At first I try to look up “Compassion” word on bible, then it direct me to some verses on New Testament. I try to be more focused on The Gospels, and then “Splagchnizomai” popped up. After a search, this word appeared 12 times in The Gospels. Interesting facts is, everywhere and everywhere this word popped up, it got to be related with Jesus.

Remember this…

When He see people like a lamb without no shepherd… (Matt 9:36)
When He healed before he fed more than 5000 people… (Matt 14:14, Mark 6:34)
When He fed more than 4000 people… (Matt 14:14, Mark 8:2)
When He use King and servant parable… (Matt 18:27)
When He healed a blind man… (Matt. 20:34)
When He healed lepers… (Mark 1:41)
When a father asked him to healed his son (Mark 9:22)
When he raise a young man from dead (Luke 9:13)
When he use Good Samaritan stories (Luke 10:33)
When he tell stories about lost son (Luke 15:20)

There is a thing that all of these verses have in common. Jesus always follows his definition of compassion with an act. He didn’t just stand there.

How about in our real life? I believe that each of us had been in this feeling and situation. But, how did we response? Did we use those opportunity to act rightly?

It could be friends of yours who need an advice, a place to share, or maybe little thing to give…
It could be helping others’ financial needs, give an opportunity to children to have an education…
It could be anything…

So, it is up to us now… Do we want to follow those feelings with acts or not!

Have a great time experiencing those moments. God bless us all!!

“Compassion didn’t just stand there and do nothing, it requires you to run and do something.” – JD



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